About us

Ecuador is the most biodiverse country per square km in the world. Here, in the heart of the world, visitors discover the warmth and energetic diversity of Ecuadorian culture as they experience the country’s strikingly distinct regions – the Amazon Jungle, the Pacific Coast, the Andean Highlands and the Galapagos Islands. What is perhaps most unique about Ecuador amongst the world’s group of only 17 megadiverse countries is that it is the smallest and most compact among them. This characteristic allows visiting students and academics, regardless of the city of their host institution, to find themselves in astonishingly little time in completely new environments and interacting with equally distinctive local cultures and ways of life.

We are often asked “What type of study abroad destination is Ecuador?” Well, it is a destination where, within only hours of convenient travel from any point in the country, one can explore snow-capped volcanoes, pristine beaches, the ruins of ancient civilizations, flora and fauna not found anywhere else on Earth, or cities in which modern infrastructure and conveniences combine with the cobblestoned charm of their colonial centers. In short, Ecuador is all types of study abroad destinations in this microcosm unique to the middle of the world.

Ecuador invests in the quality and accessibility of its higher education system. “Over the past decade, the government has spent a total of $13.9 billion on higher learning – two percent of the country's GDP – making Ecuador the country that has invested the most in this area.” (Read more: https://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Ecuadorian-Government-Invested-13.9-Billion-in-Higher-Education-20170528-0005.html) Furthermore, Ecuadorian universities, all of which are by law non-profit organizations, face one of the most exacting accreditation processes in the region (for example, in recent years, 14 universities that could not meet these strict national standards were closed to ensure the quality and reputation of the Higher Education System as a whole).

29 of the country´s universities have also come together, in the Ecuadorian Network for the Internationalization of Higher Education (REIES), to serve international students and scholars better by combining our academic and administrative. In this way, we consistently improve standards of service in our international education programs and work together between Ecuadorian institutions to design customizable study abroad programs that include periods of study in more than one region of this mega-diverse country. If you or your institution would like to learn more about the possibilities for developing programs with us, please contact us.

The REIES has developed this website, studyinecuador.org, to facilitate your search for study opportunities in the country. The REIES also manages another website, www.reies.edu.ec, in which more information can be found regarding our organizational structure and objectives.