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Escuela Politécnica Nacional is a public, secular and democratic institution. It is a national and regional referent for science, technology and innovation. EPN's faculties include: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Exact Sciences, Systems Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geology and Petroleum, Chemical Engineering and Agro-Industry, Administrative Sciences. The EPN also houses several institutes and research departments, a School of Technical Studies, a Social Science Department, and a Continuing Education Centre. The EPN is consistently placed within the “Category A” list of leading universities in the country by the National Accreditation Board (CEAACES) and is found within the top 70 universities in the Times Higher Education Latin America University Rankings.

Academic Programs


  • Agro-Industry

  • Computer Science

  • Electricity

  • Electronics and Automation

  • Business

  • Physics

  • Geology

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Production Engineering

  • Economic and Financial Sciences Engineering

  • Mathematical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Mathematics

  • Petroleum Production

  • Software

  • Information Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Food Bank of Quito Volunteering

  • Short Programs

  • Internships

  • Short Programs

    The EPN offers customizable short programs to students and to partners institutions. This customizability can relate to the following:

    Curriculum: All of our course offerings are available to exchange students. Additionally, however, it is often possible to open classes (in English or Spanish) suited to your needs or to receive a professor from your own institution along with a group od students to lead a pre-defined program of study (independently or with support from EPN faculty).

    Activities: EPN realizes that a major draw for incoming students and academics is the geographic and cultural diversity of Ecuador. The Office of International Programs and Services can help arrange volunteering, internship and travel experiences that complement classroom study and laboratory research with other experiences in this mega-diverse country.

    Duration: Customized programs need not follow EPN's usual semester structure. Stays of different lenght can be arranged and take place at any time throughout the year. Semester exchange students , however, also receive support in accesing opportunities for extra-curricular learning.

    Internships and Volunteering Opportunities to Visiting Students:
    Please contact us for further details in current opportunities.

    Upcoming Short Programs

    VI Latin American Workshop on Optimization and Control
    September 3-7, 2018

    The Latin American Workshop on Optimization and Control is organized on a biennial basis with the main goal of boosting the development and interaction between these two scientific disciplines in Latin America, by gathering together outstanding senior and junior researchers, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students working in these fields.

    The first edition of this event was held in Quito, Ecuador, in July 2008, based on an initiative of researchers working at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional de Ecuador and the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. The second edition was held in 2010 in Rosario, Argentina, with the same organizers. Subsequently, a third edition took place in 2012 in Valparaíso, Chile; a fourth edition in 2014 in Lima, Peru; and a fifth edition was held in 2016 in Tandil, Argentina.

    An additional goal of the workshop is to increase of visibility of Optimization and Control among advanced undergraduate students (in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Economics and others), as well as within the different companies and institutions of the society.

    For futher details, please visit the following link:

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