Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi

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Technical University of Cotopaxi (UTC) is located in El Ejido neighborhood, Eloy Alfaro parish, belonging to Latacunga canton, at Cotopaxi province.

More than 23 years ago the dream of having an academic institution of firstly level in the province initiated, several years of fight, work and sacrifice should have happened in order to have the extension of the Technical University of the North in 1992.

The dream was seen conquered on January 24, 1995 when the Technical University of Cotopaxi was born as an institution with autonomy.

Throughout these 23 years the institution has raised a tireless fight for the social equality, for the professionals' training with a humanist sense, for the free education and the free access of all the young people without social stratum differences to being training as professionals.

The university has its own building located in San Felipe, it has four faculties: Administrative Sciences, Human Sciences and Engineering and Applied Sciences. In the campus Salache works the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

The UTC possesses its own extension in La Maná canton, which was accredited as one of the best of the country on September, 2015. Now the university has 10.500 students, 350 teachers, 182 employees.

Academic Programs


  • Education w/ mention in Preschool Educación

  • Education w/ mention in English

  • Commerce

  • Public Communications

  • Accounting and Auditing

  • Computarized Graphic Design

  • Ecotourism

  • Foundational Education

  • Agro-Industrial Engineering

  • Agronomic Engineering

  • Engineering in the Environment

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Engineering in Information and Computer Systems

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Executive Secretarial Studies for Management

  • Short Programs

    • Spanish classes

      Not actually

    • Short programs (of studies or cultural)

      • Currently the Language Center offers English, French, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese and Kichwa (ancestral language).
      • Courses in different specialties with Continue Education.
      • Theater with Aquelarre group.
      • Dancing of adults and children with Mashca danza group.
      • Musical interpretation.
    • Internships

      Only within the country, we expect in a short time to complete external internships.

    • Volunteer programs

      Volunteer programs are carried out with the projects linked to the community with which our institution has.

    Contact us

    Lic. Víctor Hugo Romero García, MSc.


    (+593) 982513078 - (+593) 2252307 ext 164-180