Universidad Técnica de Manabí

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"Universidad Técnica de Manabí is an institution of higher education, bastion of the Manabita and Ecuadorian community. Founded on October 29, 1952, it offers undergraduate education in different areas of knowledge. Our university consists of a main campus in Portoviejo and 3 extensions in different cities that due to their geographical location, flora and fauna allow a better experience in the teaching-learning process. The UTM offers 29 careers distributed in the 10 faculties that make up our academic infrastructure. Students who are part of our Alma Mater attend classes in classrooms and laboratories, as well as virtual classrooms that strengthen the construction of knowledge based on experience and research. In addition, students are linked to society through projects that improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of our city. Currently, at postgraduate level we have several master's degrees aimed at professionals contributing in their career development. The Technical University of Manabí is governed by the motto "Seguimos Avanzando", which motivates the entire university conglomerate to deepen its efforts to always be in search of excellence."

Academic Programs


  • Aquaculture

  • Business Administration

  • Agro-Industry

  • Agronomy

  • Library Science, Documentation Studies, and Archiving

  • Accounting and Auditing

  • Economics

  • Foundational Education

  • Preschool Education

  • Electricity

  • Nursing

  • Agricultural Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Engineering in Livestock Information Technology

  • Engineering in Information Technology Systems

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Clinical Laboratory Practice

  • Mechanics

  • Medicine

  • Veterinary Medicine

  • Nutrition and Diet

  • Optometry

  • Teaching Physical Activity and Sports

  • Teaching Experimental Sciences

  • Teaching National and Foreign Languages

  • Psychology

  • Executive Secretarial Studies

  • Social Work

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Short Programs

    In the case of internships and pre-professional practices. We have agreements with the UNIR that allows master's students to do pre-professional internships at our university. At the moment, it is being developed the project "Escuela de Español para extranjeros".

    Contact us

    Ing. Emilio Cedeño Palma