Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo

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"The National University of Chimborazo emerges as a sign of transformation of the town of Riobamba, which struggled to have a university house to train professionals to support local development. In that historical framework, since 1995 it has been offering quality educational services and leading new scientific processes to become a leader in our area of influence in Ecuador. The current administration of the institution focuses its work on creating cultural evaluation processes, offering pertinent careers and generating inter-institutional relations with public and private institutions to jointly plan the country's progress and face the training needs, the processes of permanent improvement, promote action as a team, the intellectual production and the desire to excel of the members of the university community. Additionally, it focuses its management on the internationalization of the university with identity, with emphasis on internationalization at home and in the curriculum as quality strategies and academic impact. This, translated in a few words, is ""to make University with the feet in the local, but with the head and the glance in the global thing"". Four faculties and thirty-one careers provide an attractive academic offer for national and international students. The institution forms ten thousand students in its classrooms, a good part of them coming from different nationalities. Its training focuses on technical-scientific and academic development, as well as the scope of intercultural competences that allow its graduates to focus on the economic, social, environmental and sustainable development of the region."

Academic Programs


  • Business Administration

  • Agro-Industry

  • Architecture

  • Commerce

  • Accounting and Auditing

  • Physical Culture

  • Law

  • Graphic Design

  • Economics

  • Foundational Education

  • Preschool Education

  • Nursing

  • Hotel and Tourist Agency Management

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Engineering in Systems and Computer Science

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Clinical Laboratory Practice and Histopathological Analysis

  • B.A./B.S. in Public Communications

  • B.A./B.S. in Educational Psychology with Family and Vocational Specialty

  • Medicine

  • Dentistry

  • Teaching Physical Activity and Sports

  • Teaching History and Social Sciences

  • Teaching Language and Literature

  • Teaching Experimental Sciences

  • Teaching National and Foreign Languages

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Educational Psychology

  • Physical Therapy and Sports

  • Internships

  • Short Programs

    Practice programs:
    In the same institution welcomes students to carry out their pre-professional practices in the field of management and research within the institution, as well as in the framework of specific agreements with public and private companies.

    Volunteering programs:
    The institution has some programs and projects linked to society from which students and teachers can be involved for volunteer activities and social cooperation.

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    Lic. Gabriela Dumancela Nina, Ph.D.