Universidad Casa Grande

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"Starting in 1992 we have formed professionals capable of changing the society we live in, who are ready to work, to be entrepreneurs, to go out in the world, and succeed. Professionals who learned how to learn every day. UCG is a small, tropical, creative, enthusiastic, curious, demanding, secure, social orientated environment; where our students, teachers, staff and visitors know that something new will happen every day. Something that will change them, somehow. Our educational proposal aims to satisfy the needs of society with new paradigms of an education focused on constant change, preparing socially responsible, efficient, ethical, creative and committed professionals, imbued with global awareness of external realities."

Academic Programs


  • Business Administration

  • Political Science

  • Political Science w/ mention in Policy Communication

  • Political Science w/ mention in Social Management and Development

  • Political Science w/ mention in Journalism

  • Audiovisual and Multimedia Communications

  • Communications for Stage and Theatre

  • Public Communications w/ mention in Development

  • Public Communications w/ mention in Marketing and Business Management

  • Public Communications w/ mention in Writing and Strategic Creativity

  • Public Communications w/ mention in Public Relations and Organizational Communications

  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication

  • Special Education

  • Preschool Education

  • Human Resources Management

  • Public Management and Development

  • Management and International Business

  • Journalism

  • Journalism w/ mention in Political Science

  • Sports Journalism

  • Fasinarm Volunteering

  • Programa de Voluntariado Zumar

  • Contact us

    Camila Arosemena Baquerizo


    593 42 202180 ext. 186