Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

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Academic Programs


  • Business Administration

  • Hotel and Tourist Agency Administration

  • Banking and Finance Administration

  • Banking and Finance Administration

  • Livestock Production

  • Food

  • Architecture

  • Plastic Arts and Design

  • Management Support and Public Relations

  • Biology

  • Bioechemistry and Pharmacology

  • Education w/ mention in Primary Education

  • Education w/ mention in Childhood Education

  • Education w/ mention in Physics and Mathematics

  • Education w/ mention in English

  • Education w/ mention in Language and Literature

  • Education w/ mention in Chemistry and Biology

  • Communications

  • Public Communications

  • Accounting and Auditing

  • Law

  • Economics

  • Electronics and Telecommunications

  • Gastronomy

  • Geology and Mining

  • Environmental Management

  • Information Technology

  • Civil Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Medicine

  • Teaching National and Foreign Languages

  • Psychology

  • Public Relations

  • Information Systems and Computer Science

  • Short Programs


    From the vision ""Think Globally and Act Locally"", the institutional internationalization program ""Utpl Global Campus"" is aimed at strategically incorporating into the university community a culture of internationalization through the effective management of 6 strategic dimensions with the purpose of instilling among students, academic and administrative staff brand new knowledge, skills and attitudes for a global citizenship that allows them to function effectively in an international and multicultural environment.


    • Student Exchange: Refers to the mobility process that takes place in a semester or academic year, through which the undergraduate or graduate student develops courses or subjects in a national or foreign HEI, the same ones that are accredited in the university of origin. It is done between universities with which the UTPL has a valid student mobility agreement.
    • Internships / Professional Practice: Short stays with certification of completed hours not conducive to title or academic credits. Academic activities of practical content whose purpose is to contribute to the professional training of students through compliance with pre-established programs.
    • Short courses: These are short academic courses, usually inter-semester, for updating or knowledge of a specific area of knowledge as a complement to their academic training process, and which can be tailored according to the needs and requirements of both universities.
    • Academic visits: Academic missions will be understood as short-term activities carried out in other national cities or outside the country at the initiative of the degrees, which respond to an academic program and which seek the professional, academic and cultural formation of the students as a complement to the curriculum.
    • Volunteering: Short stays in a specific area not conducive to academic title or credits.

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